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has been offering since 1988 a personnel service throughout Germany, which consists of a pool of qualified and professional hostesses, promoters, product presenters, interpreters and event presenters.

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An interpreter acts as a language medium, who in contrast to a translator conveys the spoken dialogue verbally from the source language into the target language. There is much widespread demand for interpreter skills, particularly in the exhibition business. With the help of an interpreter, discussions and negotiations with customers can be carried out without any language barriers, and this contributes to the smooth progress of your event or exhibition presence.

With interpreters pts Marketing GmbH makes a distinction between three categories:

  • semi-professional interpreters - Here the interpreter has a very good knowledge of the spoken language, for example for translating general discussions and conversation, but with the exception of technical or specific vocabulary.
  • professional interpreters - It is a case here of 'state examined interpreters' and 'qualified interpreters', who will be able to give you the optimum support thanks to their extensive knowledge of the language.
  • simultaneous interpreters - A simultaneous interpreter is able to have command of two activities simultaneously, hearing and speaking. The source language is heard and translated almost simultaneously into the target language. This type of interpreter skill is particularly suited to press conferences or similar events.
    It should be noted that certain equipment is required in the case of translation by a simultaneous interpreter. The interpreter works from a cabin and, depending on the requirements of the event, there may need to be two interpreters present. In addition there also needs to be provision made for technical equipment (microphones, headphones etc) in order to guarantee the smooth running of the event.